The Cause – In Memory of Scott Curtiss Shriners Hospital’s for Children

The man sitting on my motorcycle in the picture above is Scott Curtiss.  He was the previous owner of the motorcycle and he loved it just as much as I do. I was one of his best friends, his lawyer and his fraternity brother.  He spent his entire life in service of others. He was the kind of guy who would go out of his way to help people in need. He regularly organized fundraisers for good causes and donated his time and money to help others.

About 18 months ago he found out that he had stage 4 cancer in his brain. There were 37 tumors in total.  The prognosis was grim.  The doctors said that he only had about 6 months to live.  He called me when he found out about the terrible news and asked me for help. I readily agreed to help him in any and every way that I could.  I began by drafting an advanced directive and a will for him. We made a bucket list for him and did our best to get as much of it done as we could. I agreed to take power of attorney over him and his estate in the event that he was unable to make decisions for himself. I also agreed to be the executor of his estate.

I was by his side throughout his entire fight against cancer. There were many trips to the hospital, many infusions and many meetings with the doctors. He put up an incredible fight against that horrible disease. As his condition worsened, he was no longer able to ride his beloved Motorcycle.  I bought the bike from him and have been riding it ever since. Scott ultimately lost his fight against cancer. He was only 47 years old. I gave the eulogy at his funeral.

One of the things that he talked about for years and was an item on his bucket list was to Ride his motorcycle across the country and raise money for the Shriners Hospitals for Children.  Scott was a Shriner and the cause was near and dear to him.  The Shriners own and operate 17 children’s hospitals throughout the country.  They offer medical care to children at no cost to the children’s families.  They are a non profit organization that simply helps children in need.  Scott spent many years doing all he could to help this worthy cause. Scott was not able to complete his dream of riding cross country and helping to raise money for the kids.

I have decided to take up his cause.  It is my goal to help to raise money for the children’s hospitals by taking Scott’s Motorcycle and riding it across the continental united states and I will do my very best to raise as much money as I can for the Shriners Hospitals for children.

If you want to learn more about the Shriners Hospitals for Children Please visit their website Shriners Hospitals for Children

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