The Man

My name is Michael Runkle but most folks just call me Runkle. I am a Philosopher, Writer, Attorney and world traveler (on a budget….. whenever and however I can).  I have worked as a commercial fisherman, construction worker, waiter, cook, line chef, librarian, Bartender, small business owner and attorney… just to name a few.  I have lived on both the east and west coasts of North America as well as Southern France and South eastern China for a short time. I have traveled to nine countries so far and I plan to go to many more. I was born with a sense of wonderlust and the road… It calls me.

I was born and raised in North Carolina. I grew up in an interesting mix of inner city and wild back country just outside of Durham. I was the fifth child out of six in my family.  I was a wrestler in high school and I played Rugby in college at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  I also obtained two bachelors degrees from there. The first was in political science; What I learned was that, I do not like politics.  My second Bachelors degree was in Philosophy with an emphasis in Metaphysics and logic. After undergrad I put my motorcycle I owned at the time into the back of my pick up truck and with the help of my two best friends Adam and Troy, we rode our caravan across the country and moved to San Diego California.  My plan there was to either go to law school or to bar tend.  I attended Thomas Jefferson School of law and earned my Juris Doctorate degree.  I then launched a law firm and ran it for approximately 10 years.  I was a gun for hire. I spent my time conducting jury trials and defending the constitution from the District attorneys office. I primarily did criminal defense but I also handled many civil trials. Everything was going very well…. until it wasn’t…. but hey…. That’s life.

Horrific…….  Might be the way that one would describe the last few years of my life.  In that time I got a divorce, I watched one of my closest friends get terminally ill and slowly die,  and about nine other life altering events that are not worth the energy or pain to mention in this forum. In the midst of all those tragedies, I found opportunity.  I looked inside and took the time to examine my  life.  I didn’t like where it was and I didn’t like where it was projected to go….. So I decided to change it.   This is the beginning of that story.



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