The Preparations to go…..


The day we (my girlfriend, Krista and I) left San Diego was bitter sweet in my minds eye. It was raining and cold; Fitting I suppose.  The preceding few years had been some of the hardest in my life and I was ready to leave. I had spent over a decade of my life in that beautiful and sunny place yet the day we chose to leave was miserable… I guess San Diego was ready for me to go as well. It was time to start a great adventure with no definite plans and no end in sight.  The feeling was very much like when you are on the top of a roller coaster and you begin your descent into life on the edge.  Before we get to that however… we have to discuss the preceding weeks.

Krista and I spent months preparing for our journey.  I wrapped up my case load and closed the remaining open files I had from my law practice. We researched the places in the country that we wanted to go and had to see.  We changed the oil in both the Jeep and the Bike. I made sure the Bike was tuned up and put Perelli Angel tires on her (made for touring and bending corners). I put brand new tires on her Jeep. I collected all of the necessary equipment and gear that I would need for such a great undertaking. Taking into account the weather, time of year and the terrain.  We liquidated all of our assets and donated 3/4 of all our belongings to Good Will or sold them at a series of yard sales.

We were able to get in a few quick trips to Mexico since we were not sure when we would have another chance.  We visited with our closest friends and family in the area….. unfortunately we did not have time to see everyone we would have liked to….. for that, I am sorry. You know who you are.

It was amazing, cleansing and humbling to get rid of almost all of my worldly possessions.  Over time you accumulate so many things that you don’t need.  It was refreshing to purge everything except what we could fit into a Jeep. All my worldly possessions were now in 2 boxes…. all of hers were in three. We also took a box of camping equipment…. just in case we came across a place where we wanted to sleep under the stars.

I liquidated my retirement accounts and Krista put in her two week notice at the hospital where she worked as a nurse in the organ transplant/oncology unit. I made sure that the blog was up and running and I double checked to make sure that we had everything in order for the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children fundraiser. (Please donate if you are able)  The day was fast approaching to leave. We were both terrified but ready for change.  We were ready for whatever this great land was going to throw at us.



A majority of all money donated to the fundraiser will go to the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.


This blog was written by Runkle and edited by Krista Graham.

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