Nuviz – The coolest Tech I could have on the road besides my Harley Davidson


Over all I would give this a 10 out of 10. At this time, I have logged over 2,500 miles on the road and countless hours using the NUVIZ heads up display.  As everyone is aware, I  am also using a go pro, as well as the Sena 20s. For reference in this article I will compare and contrast those. Both the Sena 20s and go pro combined are not nearly as good as the NUVIZ. The NUVIZ is by far the best piece of technology I have on the road by a long shot. It is durable, intuitive, easy to control and works like a charm. When I say durable, I really mean it….  Take a look at a wreck I had a few months back.  When the crash happens you can see it bounce down the road (I had the go pro on as well so I captured the footage)…. it still works perfectly.  I recommend this thing to everyone and everyone asks me about it and is enchanted by it when they see it. I love it so much I got the t-shirt and the hat….. literally.  Simply put this thing does it all and I have not had one complication with it.  Lets break down everything this awesome piece of tech does….



The NUVIZ utilizes hand controls that easily mount to your handlebars. It comes with multiple mounts so it can attach to multiple places on your bike. I opted for the diagonal mount which my left thumb can easily reach without having to take my hand off the handlebars (as pictured below). It is attached with the same 3m double sided tape that you use to mount a go pro mount onto a helmet. It is intuitive and super easy to use. It has 4 buttons and a toggle switch in the center. It also locks into place onto the mount so it does not come off even if your getting after it in the twisties.


Heads Up Display

The HUD is great.  When I first got the NUVIZ I was a little concerned that it might impair my vision or distract me when I was riding. This could not be further from the truth. It does not impair your field of vision in the slightest and I have found that it actually helps me greatly on very technical rides like Palomar loop or the Tail of the Dragon. The HUD sits at the bottom right of your field of view and is quasi see through but still bright enough to see clearly on a sunny day. When you have the maps pulled up on the HUD it quickly shows you what is coming next so you can prepare for it before you even come up on the turn.

Video and still capture Camera

The camera on this thing is AMAZING!  It is a high resolution HD camera that you can take snap shots of or you can shoot video of.  Below is an example of both..  no filters on the photos.

colorado twisty

azmonument valley

Please excuse the video editing….. I am new to that and this was one of the first ones I did.


You can answer phone calls and make them with the NUVIZ.  All you have to do is connect your phone through their easy to use application and upload your contacts.  It is as easy as that.  The sound quality is great.


If you can play it on your phone… you can play it on the NUVIZ.  In addition the speakers and microphone that come with the NUVIZ are super easy to install into your helmet.  The NUVIZ speakers sound quality, loudness/volume control and comfort on your ears are also much better than the SENA 20s by a long shot.

Maps/GPS/Programmable Rides

You can download any road map in the entire world and you can make customized rides with the NUVIZ.  It always bothered me when I would use google maps or Apple maps to go to a destination and it immediately put me on the fastest root… I want the most scenic or most fun route possible…. with the NUVIZ… problem solved. Also as I mentioned before the HUD is super helpful to give you turn by turn visual display without having to look down at your phone.  It is simply amazing.

Speed Controls

The NUVIZ also comes with a speedometer so you do not have to look down at your dash controls and take your eyes off the road. The HUD tells you not only how fast you are going but also tells you the speed limit in either kilometers or miles.  It even beeps when you exceed the speed limit to let you know you have entered into the danger/fun zone.

Battery Life

I have had no issues with the battery whatsoever. It has stayed consistent and I can go about 6-7 hours on the road with one charge and it still has not run out.  Keep in mind that is while I am shooting video, listening to music, taking pictures and using the GPS and maps features.  It is great.


Contact NUVIZ to get yourself one,  Runkle Approved

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