Rosarito Mexico – Second Stop On A Journey Across A Continent

The video of Rosarito can be found on my Youtube Channel “Into The Wind


Rosarito Mexico is a charming town about 10 miles south of the united states border on the mexico highway 1 about 50 miles north of Ensenada. It has a population of about 70,000 people. About 6 miles south of Rosarito is the Cristo del Sagrado Corazón or Christ of the sacred heart.  It’s a 75 foot tall statue of Jesus overlooking the  pacific ocean. Rosarito is famous for great surf, wonderful seafood and is a popular spring break destination for college students. It’s home to many ex-patriots and quite a few friends of mine.  The housing is very affordable and the people are nice.

Places to stay

IMG_2173 (2)

When I am in Rosarito I usually stay with friends however I have stayed at a few places near there that I love.  At the top of the list is Las Rocas.  This place is great.  The food is top notch and the service is excellent.  Get the seafood Mocajete bowl.  It will easily feed two people and it is wonderful.  The rooms are clean and it is a great time. They have two pools, a hot tub and it is right on the ocean.

Another great place just north of Rosarito is LA Fonda. The Sunday brunch there is second to none.  The lobster platters are great and the atmosphere is fun, laid back and relaxing.  While there is no pool here, they do have a pathway right down to the beach.

Both of these places also have security 24 hours a day and designated parking lots.  I have made a lot of great memories in both locations.

Places to eat

If I were you I would avoid anything that is pitched as being american with the exception of Dominos Pizza or McDonalds…. But then again… Why in gods name would you go to Mexico to eat crappy American esq food?   Oh no… You should go where the locals go to eat.  (ALSO…..  dont order chicken in Baja unless it is a chicken specific resturant…… it usually is canned chicken and its terrible.)

Tacos El Piasano

The glorious mountian of meat on the spit pictured above is Adobada (translated it means the marinade).  In the south of Mexico it is referred to as EL Pastor.  As a rule you should never order it from a restaurant unless it looks like the picture above and is cooked on a vertical spit.  It is hands down the very best Taco on the planet. I actively seek out these places just to have it.  The best I have found in Rosarito is Tacos el Piasano.  It is located on the main drag in downtown rosarito.  The place is a hole in the wall and the menu is literally painted on the wall…. but the food is excellent, especially the Adobada.

El Nido –

This is located across the street and about a block down from El Piasano’s.  You can not miss it as there is a wooden wagon placed on the roof above the entrance.  The Carne Asada here is outstanding.   I make it a point to get the tacos as well as the carne quesadilla’s every time I come down here.  They have great decor  and the service is very good.

Las Rocas


If you have come to Mexico for seafood then Las Rocas  is your place while your in Rosarito. The portions are huge, the food is very fresh and it is expertly cooked. Don’t miss this place. Order the seafood Mocajete….. or anything else on their menu.  You will not be disappointed.


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  1. I went to La Fonda for my honeymoon and, at that time, the motel was the only place there. It was not the beautiful Mexico honeymoon that a former “Southern Belle” (remember, I was born in Durham at Watts) envisioned. I cried and asked to go home after two days. You are the only person I have ever met that has been to La Fonda and I am glad to know that it is better than when I was there. Now, laugh your ass off because I did reading that paragraph. Love your travel journals and your gut wrenching honest comments about life!! Beth – aka Dixie Chick to a select group of friends. 😉


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