San Diego, Americas Finest City and The Road to the City of Sin



Video footage of the road from San Diego to Vegas can be found HERE


San Diego, The United States 8th largest city has been coined Americas Finest city and for good reason. with a population of approximately 1.5 million people, It is a place filled with endless sunshine beautiful people and palm trees. It is a cultural melting pot where you can find people from all over the world all walks of life. It is a city of transplants. When your there it seems that everyone you meet is from somewhere else and no one is from there. If you find a real local…. trap it, feed it and keep it safe…  A native San Diegan is basically the Bigfoot of  southern California.

It is also a relatively new city like Berlin.  Unlike places like San Francisco or New York which are old cities with run down buildings and aged infrastructure. Most all of San Diego is new…. and it is beautiful!

The city is filled with immigrants, military personnel, college students lawyers and business executives.  It is a major commercial hub and one of the biggest ports in the United States, bringing in 3,000,000 metric tons of cargo a year! It has two military bases and more colleges and universities than are worth counting. As a result the city is a thriving and growing metropolis.  It is split up into districts or neighborhoods that each have their own personality and their own unique character.  You can find whatever you are looking for if you know where to look.

After a decade of living in San Diego however, It was time for me to embark on a new journey and to chase down my dreams on two wheels because living life safe… is just dying slow.

If you have never been to San Diego, I highly recommend that you go as soon as you can. Here are some recommendations on where to go and what to do…

WHERE TO GO And What To Do


Ocean Beach

My home for most of my time in San Diego.  I love ocean beach! It has this magical feel of a small beach town located in the middle of a huge city. It is the hippy beach in San Diego and it is dog friendly. If you love Bob Marley and the Greatful Dead…. then this is the place for you.  There is even a beach there designated for dogs to play.   It is filled with parks and great nightlife. The main drag in Ocean Beach is Newport street.  If you stop through this place… go check out Mothers Saloon.  The best dive bar in San Diego is also located here… the Tilted Stick.

Also…. Sea World is here.. well technically between Mission beach and Ocean Beach



Gas Lamp

The Gas Lamp district is located in the heart of downtown San Diego. It got its name from the days when Wyatt Earp lived in San Diego and it was just a fishing and port town.  All of the prostitutes would hang a Kerosene gas lamp on their door stoops to show they were open for business….  the name stuck.

The heart of the gas Lamp district runs from the San Diego bay and the convention center down 5th street.  It is what you think of when you think of going out in a big city.  Make sure you wear closed toe shoes and a nice shirt. There are lots of restaurants, clubs and  bars.  It makes for a great Saturday night!

Old Town

Is history and a step back into the old west more your speed?  If so then Old Town is the place for you.  It used to be downtown San Diego before a great fire and they moved downtown to where it is today.  It is filled with old time flair and has a great park that showcases the history of San Diego. There is a candy store there that makes its own candy…. get their chocolate covered toffee… it is to die for.


Pacific Beach

This is the college kids hang out. If you are young and beautiful… you want to be here.  The boardwalk is world class and the place showcases a ton of great restaurants and bars.


This is the Gay district of San Diego and it is Fabulous!  If you are into fashion, a hipster lifestyle or you just want a very clean place with very interesting people and delicious food then this is for you.  There is a lot of class and artisan goods to be found here. It is an artists paradise!



San Diego has any and every kind of food you could ask for! There are some amazing places here and honestly… way to many to put into one blog post….. but I will do my best to give you some highlights.

Mexican Food

The very best Mexican food in the United States is located in San Diego. my top two places are Tacos El Gordo and Las Cuatro Milpas.  Both of these places are authentic and unbelievably fantastic but in order to get to either you have to venture outside of the metropolitan areas of San Diego.

Taco’s El Gordo

This place is a family run establishment and has been doing it for over 40 years. They started in Tijuana Mexico and then expanded into San Diego.  Just recently they also opened up a spot in Las Vegas Nevada.  They serve traditional Tijuana street tacos and they are amazing. If you want the best taco you ever had….  go here.  it is loated at

689 H St, Chula Vista, CA 91910  (just south of Down Town San Diego… if you end up in mexico… you went too far…. but the tacos there are also very good…..)

Las Cuatro Milpas

Located in Barrio Logan (just south of Downtown San Diego under the Coronado bridge is a place that has been turning out incredible homemade Mexican food since 1933. It is a little tiny run down looking place that serves their food cafeteria style. There is nothing fancy about the place….. except for the food.  Whatever they are cooking that day is what you get to eat and there are almost no complaints ever. The place is easy to find too….. just look for the line around the block.



There is alot of debate about where the best cheeseburger in San Diego can be found….. my favorite is Rockeys….

Rocky’s Crown Pub

This place serves two things….. Alcohol and cheeseburgers….. and oh those cheeseburgers are the very best! Located in between Pacific beach and Mission beach at 3786 Ingraham St, San Diego, CA 92109.  This place is great…. however sometimes there is no room to sit because there are just too many people trying to get their hands on a cold brew and hot and juicy cheeseburger.


This place is great.  It is located on Newport street in Ocean Beach.  It is a long time favorite of San Diegans. Make sure that you bring your appetite though….. the portions are huge.  Also usually a line down the block….


Grandma’s Tofu and Korean BBQ.

While the authentic Korean food is better in Soul and Los Angeles….. Grandma’s Tofu is my go to spot in San Diego.  the Kalbi, the bulgogi and the sundabon soup are all incredible. The side dishes they serve are also great.  They also have the Korean version of MTV playing k-pop non stop.  I highly recommend this place.

High End Dining

Marine Room

located in Lajolla right on the water.  The glass windows sit on the beach and during high tide the waves crash right on the widows….. 5 stars on the ambiance and 4 -5 stars for the food…

Mister A’s

mister A view

Just outside downtown San Diego Mister A’s is a 5 start restaurant with a 5 star view.  It sits atop a skyscraper and looks over downtown.  I highly recommend it.

University Club

The University Club is a private club in San Diego on the top floor of a skyscraper and has the best view of the city I have seen. I was a member for a number of years.  I highly recommend you go here if you can get it…. ask your friends who are members of private clubs if they are affiliated. The Founders room there is an exquisite 5 star experience you wont regret.


Tom Hamm’s Lighthouse

Hands down the best brunch in San Diego.  It is an all you can eat breakfast and seafood buffet located on the San Diego Bay with an incredible view.

Bali Hai

Similar to Tom Ham’s lighthouse, this is the second best brunch in San Diego. If you are focused on the drinking at brunch…. this is the spot. Order the Mai Tai…..  customers are only allowed 2 per person for good reason….  it will get you lit.  Also the food is very good.


Huge thank you to

Edward J. Southcott
Ricardo Cantellano
Flori Morales
Gabe Carbajal
Daniel Dunlap
Adam Jackson
Jude Rice
Kelly Watson

for the extra contributed photos of San Diego in addition to mine. I used some here and also on the YouTube channel.

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