The Road to the City of Sin and on to the Grand Canyon

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I felt Mentally and physically decayed before we left on our grand adventure.   I wanted to change my career, my lifestyle and the state my body was in. I wanted to return to some semblance of my days as a wrestler and a rugby player. I had atrophied after years of studying long hours in libraries and sitting at a desk as an attorney.  I needed to test my intestinal fortitude…. my metal so to speak. I wanted to hit the open road and search for the me that I somehow had lost over years of grinding myself away under the dim glow of fluorescent lights.


When we left San Diego it was cold and wet.  Outside of Los Angeles on the I-15 the sun finally broke through the gloomy clouds and the temperature rose from the 50’s to the mid 60’s which was better than before, but still not good.  60 degrees, soaking wet and traveling at 70 miles per hour feels like 36 degrees outside when you are buck naked in the snow during a wind storm. Needless to say I got a small taste of what was to come in the following months across the continent and I welcomed it with an open mind, boots filled with water and a full throttle.


By the time I had completed the 322 mile trip to Las Vegas, my cloths had dried out, my mood and the temperature had also grown warmer.  After putting in 5 and a half hours on the bike, I was sore and ready for a break. Fortunately we had booked 5 days at the Mirage Hotel. Three of which were spent lounging by the pool, ordering room service, seeing a show and playing  Texas Hold’em.


Recovery time accomplished,  The Harley and I were ready for Red Rock.  It lies 20 minutes west of Las Vegas! If you find yourself nearby, I highly recommend that you go see this natural wonder; It is beautiful!


Are you tired of the over saturation of the Vegas Strip? Fed up of a place where everything drips of gold and false promises? Do you want to get out to nature? This is the place to go if your in Vegas.   It has perfectly paved roads that wind all through the canyon and it is an amazing place to see. The only down side is that the speed limit is strictly enforced and it is slow…. Its natural beauty is great for a slow scenic ride!

GOPR1109_Moment(2) - CopyIMG_2448


After Red Rock, we set off towards Page Arizona.  On the way there, we went to the south rim of the grand canyon.  If you have never been to the Grand Canyon put it on your bucket list right now. It is breathtaking.  When you peer off the edge of that canyon it puts your life into perspective. It reminds you of how small you really are compared to the world around you and it lets you know just how majestic and awe inspiring nature is and can be.  It is truly a magical place…. either that or you just see a big hole in the ground…. (you decide…. leave a comment down below!)





Thank you very much for reading this edition of Into The Wind! Next week we head to Page Arizona. I hope that you will continue to come with me as I chronicle my journey across the North American Continent.

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