A Place Touched By God – Page Arizona

In my travels around the world I have seldom come across a place that is soul changing. Page Arizona is one such place.  You can feel the raw energy of nature pulsing in and around you and it changes who you are and your perception of the world. The rugged beauty of the plateaus and jagged cliffs on the horizon at sunset will put you in awe. In addition to all of this stunning beauty, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe bend are here.  Not to far east of Page, lies Monument Valley, Four Corners and Arches National Park.  This is one of the most beautiful places on earth and if you can go, you should.

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Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon just east of Page Arizona. It is divided into the upper and lower canyon.  (The photographs you see here are from the Upper Antelope Canyon. ) It was formed over the course of many monsoon seasons, where flash floods carved out this intricate canyon.  Over time the winds continued to erode the Navajo Sandstone and eventually formed this spiritual and majestic place.


Antelope Canyon is located in Navajo Native American territory.  As a result,  you must have a tour guide to visit.  There are 3 or 4 locally owned Navajo businesses that offer tours in the area.  My understanding is that they are all very similar in cost and ease of access. They offer two sets of tours. The visitors tour as well as the photographers tour.  I highly recommend that you get the photographers tour of the canyon.   They will block off sections of the canyon so that you can photograph it without people blocking your shots.  I would also take the earliest tour possible because the canyon gets a lot of tourist traffic which can be a bummer since the place is so serene.



if you look at the bottom of photo above….. you can see tourist feet!


Horseshoe Bend


The Mighty Colorado river has carved its way through the desert since before the age of man. It twisted, turned and writhed its way through the stone which ultimately gave way and crumbled into sand to be taken away with its powerful currents.  (The river runs from right to left if you are facing the bend as pictured above.)


If you want to visit Horseshoe bend it is located just a few minutes away from Page. No tour guide needed this time, but do be careful! the Navajo Sandstone is unstable so don’t get too close to the edges.  No need to tempt fate unnecessarily when your not on a motorcycle. The old guardian angel has enough to deal with.

Monument Valley


Monument valley was one of the places that I desperately wanted to see when I went to this corner of the world. It is stunningly beautiful and the magnitude of the place makes you feel small in comparrison. Unfortunately for me they will not let motorcycles into the actual park. I was able to ride up to its gates and see it from afar and it was stunning but they wouldn’t let me in with the bike. Since my girlfriend was behind me in the Jeep I could have left the motorcycle there and rode with here but chose not to. My thought on the matter was that if  Rocket wasn’t welcome, then I wasn’t either. I turned back and went to get BBQ!

Where to Eat

GOPR1208_Moment (2)_Moment_Moment

Big Johns BBQ

Built in an old abandoned gas station, Big Johns has been a staple in Page Arizona for a number of years and the food is fantastic. They serve Texas style brisket and Kansas style ribs. The smoker is out front by the curbside eating area where the gas pumps once were.  It is a massive piece of awesomeness and turns out an impressive amount of food daily.


After all of that we went to Four Corners.  It is the only place in the United States where four states touch and you can be in all four states at the same time.  Admittedly I am a sucker for things like this but it was a very cool stop on our way into Colorado.  Beware, the monument is in isolation and it is the only thing to see out there (other than beautiful countryside).  Next week we Head into Colorado!


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Photos by: Runkle and Krista

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  1. A beautiful part of the world for sure. We’ll be back in US and I’m looking forward to talking my pillion to Arches and a couple of the National Parks around Moab as they are stunning.

    Great photos.


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