Ice, Wind and Serenity – A West Colorado Story

When I was 12 years old my father and I went on a motorcycle tour of the Outer Banks in North Carolina to photograph the lighthouses that are riddled across those islands.  We spent all day visiting one lighthouse after another.  It was warm and sunny right up until the winds came and the sun began to set.  The temperature dropped to just above freezing and we were not well equipped for the cold. In fact we were not prepared for the cold at all.  After we had trekked the 100 or so miles to the hotel for the night, we were both frozen to the bone. Both of us shivering, mumbling and scrambling to get inside to warmth.  It was the second coldest I have ever been in my life. That record held strong for 23 years…. until this past march.

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After My girlfriend and I left the warmth of the deserts in Nevada and Arizona we ventured into Colorado. The trip took us two days.  Our launch point for this leg of the trip was Cortez Colorado.  From there we ventured our way to Ouray and then into Colorado Springs through Monarch Pass. We traveled through the continental divide and across the rocky mountains. It had always been on my bucket list to make this ride and I was bound and determined to get it done whatever the cost.  This trip for me was not just a spiritual exploration but also a physical test. I wanted to challenge body and mind. I achieved both goals in spades on this ride.


The road from Cortez to Durango (on the way to Ouray) is only about 45 miles. The sun was Shining, the wind was blowing and there were rolling clouds in the sky. It should have been an easy ride but that was not the case! It was so cold I had to stop at the Harley Dealership for new gloves. It was 32 degrees outside (0 for the Celsius people).  Even though it was a stunningly beautiful day, the lack of oxygen from the altitude, the wind and the cold quickly let me know that I was not prepared for this ride. I thought i was ready…  I wasn’t ready.


My bike has  heaters on the handlebars and I turned them to full blast. I had my Leather riding gloves on. I was Equipped with a set of long johns, Kevlar lined Scorpion riding jeans and windproof over pants for my legs. Up top I had on long johns, 2 t shirts, a north face winter jacket and my Harley Davidson Jacket. I was wearing a balaclava and my Venom Helmet. Even with all of that,  it still felt like I was speed skating on ice in the rain naked.  I can’t even imagine what it would have been like in non winter gear.

I had my jacket sleeves zipped up tight to reduce air flow. It was not enough.  The wind shot up the sleeves of the jacket like icy fire on my skin. I began to shiver uncontrollably. My fingers first went numb and then started to shoot pain and throb despite the leather and the heater. They  felt as if they were frozen against the handlebar grips.  I almost had to peel my fingers from the grips when I finally stopped. My hands were barely working. I went to Durango Harley Davidson and they supplied me with warm coffee, a place to sit down for a while and sold me the nicest set of winter gloves they had.  I made sure that they had gauntlets that covered my jacket sleeve so that I could stop that icy blast.


Thank you Durango HD!!!!!!

After I fixed the glove/wind situation the ride became amazing. It was still cold but not unbearable. It turned into one of the most beautiful rides that I have ever taken.  It was  stunning.  On the way through the mountains we stopped through Silverton and finally made our way to Ouray.  If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend both of these places. Both towns are oozing with charm and adventure.  They are gorgeous places and there are a ton of twisties on the way there.

colorado twisty.jpg




After the coldest yet most beautiful ride of my life; I was ready to relax!  We went to Weissbaden hot spring’s and spa. It is a house that is located on top of a natural hot spring. They pumped hot spring water into a big pool in the front yard. It is like a giant hot tub year round. They also tunneled through the basement of the house and into a huge vapor cave that is like a massive sauna. The eccentric old lady who owns the house wont let you use the vapor caves if you use tobacco (just a heads up for the smokers out there).  You can stay there and have access to the pool and vapor caves or you can pay to use them even if you do not have a room there.  If you ever find yourself in Ouray you must go here!   (sorry guys I don’t have any pictures of the vapor caves, but you should still go.)


Next week we adventure into Eastern Colorado for shenanigans with the coolest Aunt ever and we go shoot guns with some of Americas finest veterans!  See you then!

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Some of the wonderful Photos taken here were by my wonderful girlfriend Krista who not only puts up with my craziness but is a willing participant!


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